What Is Art Therapy?

What Is Art Therapy?

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What Is Art Therapy?

*From the International Art Therapy Organization:
Art has the potential to change lives and in profound ways. When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell stories. And in telling our stories through art, we can find a path to health and wellness, emotional reparation , recovery, and ultimately, transformation.

*From Art Therapy Sourcebook: By Cathy A. Malchiodi
Although art therapists have generated many specific definitions of art therapy, most of them fall into one of two general categories. The first involves a belief in the inherent healing power of the creative process of art making. This view embraces the idea that the process of making art is therapeutic; this process is sometimes referred to as art as therapy. Art making is seen as an opportunity to express oneself imaginatively, authentically, and spontaneously, and experience that, over time, can lead to personal fulfillment, emotional reparation and transformation.

The second definition of art therapy is based on the idea that art is a means of symbolic communication. This approach, often referred to as art psychotherapy, emphasizes the products--drawings, paintings, and other art expressions-- as helpful in communicating issues, emotions, and conflicts. The art image becomes significant in enhancing the verba l exchange between the person and the therapist and in achieving insight: resolving conflicts, solving problems; and formulating new perceptions that in turn lead to positive changes, growth, and healing. In reality, art as therapy and art psychotherapy are used together in varying degrees. In other words, both the idea that art making can be a healing process and that art products communicate information relevant to therapy are important.

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